Forbes hits a new low, claims non-GMO movement is somehow mired in sexism

Forbes hits a new low, claims non-GMO movement is somehow mired in sexism

(Natural News) You can always tell when a Leftist is losing an argument. They always resort to false accusations of “isms” as a way to distract from the fact that their viewpoint has no substance and no basis in reality.

Enter Kavin Senapathy, who inferred in Forbes recently that anyone who disputes Big Agriculture’s claim that “all genetically modified foods are good” is a (wait for it) sexist.

Well, at least we’re not bigots and homophobes.


Senapathy, whose self-appointed claim to fame is exposing “quackery”while busting “myths on health, food and science,” has an undergrad degree in business marketing from the University of Wisconsin and does not appear to have any special scientific education or training whatsoever. And while she frequently blogs about food and science – or “sciencey” stuff – she now appears to be adding the title of “sociologist” to her resume. [RELATED: For the first time, bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides are now being found in drinking water]

Writing for Forbes is actually the perfect way to shill for the biotech industry, since that’s all Forbes does. And Senapathy is one of the industry’s biggest shills, hanging out with the fine marketing folks at GMO giant Monsanto, as noted by Vani Hari, the Food Babe, in this post.

But I digress. On to the sexism.

Senapathy doesn’t just cite one alleged instance of sexism in the non-GMO movement, but three:

— She accuses Jeffrey Smith of being anti-women for pointing out in a 2015 video that mothers who have children suffering from chronic conditions, or those attempting to prevent their kids from suffering a chronic illness, should be educated about why they should stop serving GMO foods.

Because, you know, it’s sexist to not include fathers in that recommendation. Kavin declares it.

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