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For those of us trying to live an organic life, the modern world presents many challenges. Food is no longer food, and cotton is no longer cotton. Our increasingly desperate appeals to the organic gods are seemingly going unheard. What to do?

Companies who once manufactured chemicals of war and heroin are now firmly in control of our food supply. The farming methods and business tactics of big-ag have destroyed the environment and bees are beginning to appear on endangered species lists worldwide. Chemicals such as glyphosate, neonicotinoids and many others, are polluting our water supplies and the milk of nursing mothers. And at the more controversial end of the spectrum we have cancer, autism, vaccines and the ever present population control conspiracy theories.

And while weaving their particular brand of magick, the progenitors of all this smile and insidiously cloak what they are doing behind a sickening ‘we care ‘ mantra, (you people have even made food labeling in to a complicated exercise in futility) suppress information, harass whistle blowers, corrupt science, and on and on, whilst growing nothing but their fat corporate bank accounts.

So…does any of this disturb you, even just a little? Or maybe you think none of the above could possibly have any truth in it whatsoever. Maybe you think it is all fake news….

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Well check out Organic Reporter and you will see more than enough evidence that will help you view things a little differently.

We search the world wide web through organic eyes, looking for news and information that impinges or otherwise jeopardizes our freedom of choice and ability to live an organic way of life. The majority of our sources are main stream and alternative news sources, with the odd fascinating article from the stranger publications out there. There is also a smattering of articles and blogs contributed by us.

We hope you find Organic Reporter informative, and who knows, maybe TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE EARTH GREAT AGAIN #MEGA


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